Project Database Updated with 100 New Projects

The Project Database has been updated to include projects and CPAs registered in 2014. The majority of new additions are CPAs which have been included into existing PoAs. Once registered, PoAs are very efficient to scale-up with low costs for project … Continued

Unlocking the Hidden Value of Carbon Offsetting

Offsetting one tonne of carbon dioxide brings an additional USD 664 in benefits to the communities where carbon reduction projects are based. For the first time ever, academic research confirms: Carbon offset programs generate high positive impacts on the climate, … Continued

EcoZoom to distribute 600,000 cookstoves in Rwanda!

EcoZoom recently announced their participation in Program Rwanda, an innovative program that will distribute 600,000 clean cookstoves and water filters to the poorest 30% of households in all 30 districts of Rwanda, and subsequently build a retail program to sell … Continued