Official name: South Pole Carbon Asset Management Consulting (Beijing) Ltd.
Country: China
Classification: Stove Manufacturer, Fuel Supplier, Project Developer, Consultant, DOE, Test Center, Regulator, Legal Services, Development Organization

Regional Coverage: Asia
Contact for Africa:
Contact for Asia: YANG Xuan
South Pole Group 瑞士南极碳集团
1107, The Exchange Beijing, Jianguo Ave B-118
100022 Beijing
Contact for Latin America:
Contact for rest of the world:

Stove Manufacturer/Fuel Provider
Products offered: fuels
Additional information on services: Gasoline.

Project Developer/Consultant
Services offered: Carbon Project Development, Feasibility Studies, Baseline Surveys
Additional information on services:
Standards covered: CDM, GS, VCS, WCS

Sectoral Scopes for Validation: 1, 2, 3, 12
Sectoral Scopes for Verification: 1, 2, 3, 12
Standards covered: CDM, GS, VCS

Test Center
Accreditations/Standards: ISO
Tests performed: Kitchen Perofrmance Test, Water Boiling Test, Controlled Cooking Test
Additional information on tests performed: