Official name:
Country: Ghana
Classification: Stove Manufacturer, Fuel Supplier, Project Developer, Consultant, Development Organization

Regional Coverage: Africa
Contact for Africa: Kwesi Sarpong
Contact for Asia:
Contact for Latin America:
Contact for rest of the world: Faustina Boakye

Stove Manufacturer/Fuel Provider
Products offered: cookstoves, fuels, others
Additional information on services: GHACCO is made up of manufacturers, producers, distributors, gender specialist, academic and research institutions, individuals, advocacy and policy makers, donors, NGOs and public and private financial institutions among others.

Project Developer/Consultant
Services offered: Carbon Project Development, Feasibility Studies, Baseline Surveys, Cookstove Procurement & Dissemination
Additional information on services: Some member organisations are undertaking carbon projects, while consultants are doing baseline surveys to generate data for the organisation.
Standards covered: CDM