Official name: PRINCE (Promoters, Researchers and Innovators In New & Clean Energy), Suman Foundation
Country: India
Classification: Consultant, Test Center, Development Organization

Regional Coverage: Asia
Contact for Africa:
Contact for Asia: Prof. Dr. Ajay Chandak.
Cell: 0091-9823033344
Contact for Latin America:
Contact for rest of the world: Prof. Dr. Ajay Chandak.
Cell: 0091-9823033344

Project Developer/Consultant
Services offered: Others
Additional information on services: R & D, development of new cookstove designs in Solar, biogas and biomass systems.
Training prgram to entrepreneurs in all these areas.
Standards covered:

Test Center
Tests performed: Kitchen Perofrmance Test, Water Boiling Test, Controlled Cooking Test
Additional information on tests performed: