Official name: Advanced Alternative Energy Corp.
Country: United States
Classification: Stove Manufacturer, Project Developer, Consultant, Test Center, Development Organization

Regional Coverage: Africa, Asia, Latin America, Rest of the World
Contact for Africa: NA
Contact for Asia: NA
Contact for Latin America: NA
Contact for rest of the world: Les Blevins

Stove Manufacturer/Fuel Provider
Products offered: others
Additional information on services: Our product designs have been developed and tested for using biomass in the form of loose or baled straws, stems, leaves, stalks, branches, husks, cobs, shells, roots, small to large wood from softwood or hardwood trees and brush as found and gathered. Scrap tires have also been tested as fuel in our outside furnace and pollution abatement has been developed for this type of fuel.

Project Developer/Consultant
Services offered: Carbon Project Development, Feasibility Studies, Others
Additional information on services: Inquiries on AAEC's products and services are encouraged and should be sent to
Standards covered:

Test Center
Tests performed: Water Boiling Test, Controlled Cooking Test, Others
Additional information on tests performed: Product designs have been successfully tested for space heating, water heating, smoking, cooking and baking uses. Units can be sized for individual residences to village scale applications.