Official name: ClimateCare
Country: United Kingdom
Classification: Project Developer, Consultant, Development Organization

Regional Coverage: Africa, Asia, Rest of the World
Contact for Africa: Tom Morton
Contact for Asia: Tom Morton
Contact for Latin America: Tom Morton
Contact for rest of the world: Robert Stevens

Project Developer/Consultant
Services offered: Carbon Project Development, Feasibility Studies, Baseline Surveys, Cookstove Procurement & Dissemination, Monitoring (sampling/field visits/data collection), Others
Additional information on services: ClimateCare specialises in climate and development projects that both protect the environment and improve lives. A pioneer in the use of carbon finance for development, ClimateCare wrote the Gold Standard methodology that first allowed carbon finance for clean cookstove technology. The ClimateCare team can help you with:
Designing and delivering a new cookstove project;
Structuring finance for your cookstove project;
Measurement, verification and sale of carbon and other outcomes to bring new finance to your project;
Finding partners to invest in and scale up your work.
Standards covered: CDM, GS, VCS, WCS