Official name: Project Gaia, Inc.
Country: United States
Classification: Project Developer, Consultant, Test Center, Development Organization

Regional Coverage: Africa, Asia, Latin America, Rest of the World
Contact for Africa: Desalegn Geteneh,
Joe Obueh,
Contact for Asia: Hilary Landfried,,
Contact for Latin America: Brady Luceno,,
Contact for rest of the world: Wubshet Tadele,,

Project Developer/Consultant
Services offered: Carbon Project Development, Feasibility Studies, Baseline Surveys, Cookstove Procurement & Dissemination, Monitoring (sampling/field visits/data collection), Others
Additional information on services: We run or assist with pilot studies, business planning and sourcing finance. We are an Implementing Partner to the UNHCR and provide stoves in refugee camp settings.
Standards covered: CDM, GS

Test Center
Accreditations/Standards: Gaia Association in Addis Ababa performs cookstove testing, flue gas analysis and indoor air pollution measurements.
Tests performed: Kitchen Perofrmance Test, Water Boiling Test, Controlled Cooking Test, Others
Additional information on tests performed: Gaia Association uses the Berkeley Air Monitoring (UCB) equipment for particulates measurement and the Gas Badge Pro for CO levels. Gaia uses the Bacharach PCA(R)3 Portable Combustion Analyzer to test flue gases.