EcoZoom to distribute 600,000 cookstoves in Rwanda!

EcoZoom recently announced their participation in Program Rwanda, an innovative program that will distribute 600,000 clean cookstoves and water filters to the poorest 30% of households in all 30 districts of Rwanda, and subsequently build a retail program to sell another 600,000 cookstoves and water filters to the higher income households over the next several years.

Run by DelAgua Health Limited with support from the Rwanda Ministry of Health, this program is a public health project designed to reduce the threats of pneumonia and diarrhea, which account for 20% and 12% of deaths of children under 5 respectively.

EcoZoom is supplying the project’s cookstove and bringing their expertise to the implementation. This is the largest program of its kind in Africa and has many unique features to it including:

  • Two technologies to address pressing household health problems in tandem
  • Training that digs deeper into the most common user-uptake issues and seeks to overcome them through extensive, interactive guidance at the point of distribution and in the home
  • Rigorous monitoring & evaluation, complete with remote monitoring sensors, follow up surveys and randomized control trials
  • Building a retail program on the back of a large giveaway in such a short timeframe.

For more details on this program please visit the Rwanda page of EcoZoom’s website.