The African Ethanol Stove ProgramGS CERKenya based Green Development AS is implementing a PoA for ethanol and biogas based stoves in several countries in predominantly Eastern Africa and is aiming for 1 million of such stoves within 5 years.
Improved Cookstoves for East AfricaImproved Cookstoves for East Africa/" rel="attachment wp-att-100245">GS CERThe ‘Improved Cookstoves for East Africa (ICSEA)’ programme is a registered PoA accredited under the CDM and the Gold Standard, and covers improved cookstove technologies implemented in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, South Africa and Lesotho.
Microsol’s Qori Q’oncha ProgrammeGS VERMicrosol, a French social enterprise, is operating the PoA “Qori Q’oncha – Improved Cookstoves Diffusion Programme” to encourage and coordinate the implementation of improved cookstoves in Peru.
MicroEnergy Credits PoAsGS CERMicroEnergy Credits (MEC) is a for-profit social enterprise that is reaching over 150,000 households with clean energy products worldwide. MEC helps microfinance institutions (MFIs) start clean energy programmes and supplement funding gaps through revenues realized in the carbon markets.
Impact Carbon’s cookstove programmeGS VERIn 2009 Impact Carbon, with support from Climate Care, registered the first voluntary Gold Standard cookstove project. It is set up to include several types of efficient stoves, including household charcoal stoves, household wood stoves and institutional wood stoves, of which more than 300,000 have already been distributed to date.
The New Lao StoveVCSFor more than 10 years, GERES, a French NGO, has been working to develop the New Lao Stove (NLS), which can be either made of clay or metal. Since 2003, more than 2,000,000 NLS have been produced and sold, and more than 1,300, 000 carbon credits have been issued.
WWF Cookstove projectGS VERThe aim of World Wildlife Fund Firewood-Saving Cook Stove Projects is to replace crude, older cooking stoves, with new, high efficiency stoves. This project is based in communities located in ecologically sensitive and protected areas throughout western China, where water, wildlife and forest areas are preserved.
ACES-Biogas: African Clean Energy Switch – BiogasGS CERACES-Biogas is a carbon finance Programme of Activities (PoA) umbrella. It helps projects that disseminate biogas systems to households and institutions to access carbon finance. The “umbrella” covers six countries: Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.
SimGas Biogas Programme of ActivitiesCERThe SimGas Biogas Programme of Activities is a CDM PoA that is developed by SimGas BV and its Tanzanian daughter company SimGas Tanzania, a joint venture with Silafrica Ltd., who is responsible for the implementation in East Africa. It aims to install biogas systems with stoves in households, communities and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are currently using non-renewable biomass and fossil fuels as their main source of cooking fuel.
Proyecto Mirador HondurasGS VERThe Proyecto Mirador cookstoves project is implemented by Proyecto Mirador LLC, a non-profit, that is distributing fuel efficient cookstoves in the rural highlands of Honduras. The project has already successfully issued Gold Standard VERs, representing realized emission reductions exceeding 100,000 tCO2.
The Efficient Cook Stove Programme in KenyaCERThe Efficient Cook Stove Programme in Kenya is a CDM PoA that involves the distribution of domestic fuel-efficient cooking stoves by co2balance, a UK based carbon project developer, to rural households in Kenya. Stoves are distributed free-of-charge to users in exchange for the rights to the generated emissions reductions.
National Biodigester Programme, CambodiaGS VERThe National Biodigester Programme (NBP) of Cambodia is a joint undertaking by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) and the Dutch Development Organisation (SNV) aiming to establish a permanent domestic biodigester sector on a commercial, market oriented basis for the dissemination of biodigesters as an indigenous, sustainable energy in Cambodia.
The Biogas Programme NicaraguaGS CERThe Biogas Programme Nicaragua (PBN) is a CDM and Gold Standard PoA which aims to promote a biogas market sector in Nicaragua and stimulate nation-wide adoption of biogas digester technology.