ACES-Biogas is a carbon finance Programme of Activities (PoA) umbrella. It helps projects that disseminate biogas systems to households and institutions to access carbon finance. The “umbrella” covers six countries: Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. ACES-Biogas Ltd is the coordinating/managing entity of the PoA; it operates under the rules of the CDM and the Gold Standard. The development of the PoA structure was supported by Hivos, with funding from the Dutch government. The African Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP) will be an early user of the PoA.

The aim of the PoA is to help biogas projects to earn the maximum amount of carbon finance from their clean energy activities in the quickest and cheapest way. Each project keeps 100 per cent of its carbon credits. ACES-Biogas is not a broker, and will not purchase projects’ carbon credits, but it may support projects with their carbon credit sales contracts. The PoA operates along fair trade lines and is open to any eligible suppliers of biogas systems.

Project collaborators include:

• Hivos
• Dutch Government
• African Biogas Partnership Programme