The ‘Improved Cookstoves for East Africa (ICSEA)’ programme is a registered PoA accredited under the CDM and the Gold Standard, and covers improved cookstove technologies implemented in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, South Africa and Lesotho. In exchange for an initial inclusion fee and an annual verification fee the CME, ICSEA Ltd, will:

  • Provide technical and administrative support to CPA Managers to ensure compliance of improved cookstove technologies and procedures with the PoA requirements;
  • Take responsibility for carrying out monitoring and data management during the lifetime of the PoA;
  • Maintain a database of sales records used to compute CERs across the entire PoA; and
  • Provide point-of-sale materials and templates.

The fees payable by the CPA Managers are fixed regardless of the price of carbon, allowing ICSEA to reduce the financial risk to the programme as a whole. CPA Managers keep 100% of the carbon credits that they generate and can decide how they wish to use income from these within their CPA.

Whilst the decision of how to distribute carbon revenues within CPAs is up to the discretion of CPA Managers, they are required to communicate to the CME how the money from carbon credits will benefit project participants. This could include subsidising the price of stoves, replacing defective stoves, financing maintenance services, distributing additional stoves and supporting the community, among other things.

ICSEA Manufacturing ILF stove

Figure 2: Painting newly manufactured cook stoves.