Generation and recording of serial numbers

The SimGas Biogas Programme of Activities is a CDM PoA that is developed by SimGas BV and its Tanzanian daughter company SimGas Tanzania, a joint venture with Silafrica Ltd., who is responsible for the implementation in East Africa. It aims to install biogas systems with stoves in households, communities and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are currently using non-renewable biomass and fossil fuels as their main source of cooking fuel. In order to uniquely identify all their biogas digesters, SimGas BV generates serial numbers which are applied to each biogas digester at the production factory in Tanzania. The serial number includes reference to the design version, a batch number, a letter, which signifies the month, two digits for the year produced and a four-digit number for the system itself.

For example, the serial number of the first biogas digester produced in January 2012 would read 01-001-L-12-0001. Having a serial number which includes the design version allows for the inclusion of other manufacturers in the programme in future, which can be identified via the serial number.

At sale, the serial number of the biogas digester is recorded as part of a sales contract and entered into a centralised project database, which will not allow repeat entries of serial numbers to be made. The CME of the programme is the sole entity responsible for issuing serial numbers.

SimGas Gesi550

Figure 6: SimGas’ biogas cookstove GESI550.