Biogas Programme Nicaragua’s Programme Database

The Biogas Programme Nicaragua (PBN) is a CDM and Gold Standard PoA which aims to promote a biogas market sector in Nicaragua and stimulate nation-wide adoption of biogas digester technology. Managing such a large programme requires the use of an efficient, user-friendly project database.

Information contained in the project database provides the backbone for emissions reduction calculations and any information that is false puts the carbon credits from the project at risk. The database therefore has three objectives:

  • Recording the number of systems and aggregated capacity of the systems in operation;
  • Keeping up-to-date information on the location and capacity in operation of each system;
  • Avoiding double-counting of systems.

The procedure for recording project information is as follows:


It is the responsibility of the CPA Implementer to ensure data in the above documents is complete; they will be contractually bound to ensure this is the case. Information entered into the project database is facilitated through maximizing the use of drop-down menus, fixed parameters and restricting types of entries. The database is verified internally during periodical monitoring. A ‘comments’ column is also available which allows for the recording of any changes e.g. if a digester is replaced, the serial number of the old system and the date on which it was replaced is recorded here.

Hard copies of all forms are chronologically stored to enable easy finding (e.g. sort by date and CPA, or reference number).