Once you have completed a market assessment to understand the preferences, practices, and drivers of adoption for target end users, the next step is to develop or select the right product. Choosing a product that meets consumers’ needs  is key to maximizing adoption and usage rates, which in turn results in greater impact and returns on carbon crediting.

You may choose to work with an existing product or you may choose to design your own. In any case, the chosen product(s) should fit with local circumstances, which can best be evaluated by prioritizing a thoughtful understanding of the target customer population. The IDEO Human-Centered Design Toolkit is a great resource that outlines best practices for understanding consumer behavior and processes, and provides guidance on how that can be translated to designing a product or program.

Once customer needs have been identified through your assessment, the next step is to determine whether appropriate products are already available, or if it is more appropriate to design a new product (or, perhaps, both).


Look for products in the Clean Cooking Catalog – a comprehensive, global database of technology options, including data on performance and characteristics that impact usability.

It is recommended that customers are offered a variety of appropriate options so that they can select the technology they most prefer. In other words, select a variety of products that appear to meet consumers’ needs and test them in the market. If developing a new product, please visit the product design section.