Introducing The Project Screening Tool

With the project screening tool, you can assess the potential of your project to generate carbon credits.

The project screening tool collects detailed information about your improved cookstove or biogas project to screen it for eligibility for the carbon methodologies below, as well as performs a cost benefit and risk analysis for the project.

This tool has been designed to fit the needs of users ranging from:

  • The carbon specialist, with in-depth knowledge of project-specific information, who is looking for a precise estimation of the project’s carbon finance potential; to
  • The carbon beginner, with only basic information about the project, who wants to get a first rough estimation of their project’s carbon finance potential.

When only limited information is available for a project the tool can provide default values, either by clicking on the help button or directly by selecting “I don’t know”. Please keep in mind that the more often “I don’t know” is selected, the less accurate the result will be.  

How long does it take?

To get a precise estimation of the carbon finance potential, the tool requires detailed information about your project that could take as long as 3 hours to input.

Those that are unsure of project details, or are looking for a quick, rough estimation, may use default values provided by the tool, taking as little as 45 minutes to complete the tool. The tool will save your inputs so the data can be input over a few days instead of in a single session.