Introducing the Carbon Finance Platform for Clean Cooking

Carbon finance provides a commercial pathway to generate revenues to scale clean cookstove and fuels deployment while incentivizing monitoring, increased usage and adoption, as well as fostering improvements in fuel efficiency and durability. Although the sale of carbon offsets provides a valuable revenue stream, clean cookstove projects looking to access carbon finance face barriers due to:

  • Costly and complex certification processes;
  • The financing gap between registration and first revenues from carbon credits;
  • Uncertainty of carbon markets; and
  • Lack of transparency on risk and revenue sharing.

The Carbon Finance Platform addresses some of these barriers by providing a comprehensive and interactive knowledge sharing platform with how-to guides, tools, templates, and case studies to assist stakeholders with varying levels of carbon expertise. It also serves as an interactive marketplace for multiple audiences and baseline knowledge levels, including new and experienced project implementers, carbon developers, as well as donors, investors, and carbon credit buyers.

The platform is a key element of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstove’ strategy to increase access to carbon finance to scale adoption of clean cooking solutions, shown in the diagram below.

Alliance carbon finance strategy