New Case Studies Available

We have sourced new case studies:

  • The African Ethanol Stove Program strives to make carbon finance simple for its project implementation partners and is an example of low revenue risk, low financial obligations and very limited engagement of project developers in the carbon certification process.
  • Improved Cookstoves for East Asia (ICSEA) provides project developers with useful tools and assistance but does not take ownership over the carbon credits. In its model, project developers take charge of the sales process and have full discretion over the use of carbon revenues.
  • Microsol’s Qori Q’oncha Programme in Peru invests in the long term sustainability of the program by committing project developers to use carbon revenues for activities that benefit the long term success.
  • Impact Carbon’s cookstove programme allows for a wide range of technologies to be included in the programme and invests carbon revenues in various activities that foster market penetration.
  • MicroEnergy Credits particularly targets microfinance institutions in developing countries and assists them to expand their clean energy lending including for cookstoves through carbon finance.