Project Database Updated with 100 New Projects

The Project Database has been updated to include projects and CPAs registered in 2014. The majority of new additions are CPAs which have been included into existing PoAs. Once registered, PoAs are very efficient to scale-up with low costs for project developers looking to join an existing program. You can find more information about different project types under Project Development Models.


Most newly added projects were registered using two of the most prevalent UNFCCC methodologies. This shows that the type of projects is fairly standardized and project developers tend to prefer methodologies which are well established over more recently introduced methodologies. More information about different methodologies can be found here: Carbon Methodologies.


Most of the newly added projects are located in Africa, reflecting the potential of the continent for project development, but also the preference of the market for African carbon credits. Asia follows second, with only a few projects registered in Latin America, the Pacific, and one multi-region PoA. You can find out more about the geographical distribution of projects on our Project Map.