AMS Approved Small Scale Methodology
CCT Controlled Cooking Test
CDM Clean Development Mechanism
CER Certified Emission Reduction
CH4 Methane
CME Coordinating/Managing Entity
CO2 Carbon dioxide
CPA CDM Project Activity
CRW Carbon Rights Waiver
DD Design Document
DNA Designated National Authority
DOE Designated Operational Entity
EB Executive Board of the CDM
EF Emission factor
ERPA Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement
EU-ETS European Union Emission Trading Scheme
EUA European Union Emission Allowance
GACC Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
GHG greenhouse gas(es)
GHGs greenhouse gases
GS Gold Standard
GWh Giga Watt hours
GWh thermal Giga Watt hours thermal
ICS Improved Cookstove
ISO International Organization for Standardization
IWA International Workshop Agreement
KPT Kitchen Performance Test
LDC Least Developed Country
LDCs Least Developed Countries
LPG liquefied petroleum gas
LPP Local Project Participant
LoA Letter of Approval
MDG Millenium Development Goals
MoC Modalities of Communication
NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement
NRB Non-Renewable biomass
ODA Official Development Assistance
OTC Over-the-Counter
PDD Project Design Document
PIN Project Idea Note
PoA Programme of Activities
TJ Tera-joule
UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
USD United States Dollar
VCS Verified Carbon Standard
VER Voluntary Emission Reduction or Verified Emission Reduction
VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds
VPA Voluntary Project Activity
WBT Water Boiling Test
WHO World Health Organisation
fNRB Fraction of non-renewable biomass
tCO2e Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent