Registry ID & link: PoA 7014
Host Country: Uganda; Kenya; Burundi; Rwanda; Lesotho; South Africa
Location: Displayed in Uganda but also in Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Lesotho and South Africa
Project Developer: Improved Cook Stoves for East Africa (ICSEA) Limited

Registration: 2012
Already issued credits: 4052

Project description:

The purpose of this small scale Programme of Activities (PoA) is stimulating the dissemination of improved cook stoves (ICS) in Africa. The PoA will encompass different models of ICS, depending on the supplier and the user of the stove: biomass and charcoal stoves.

CPAs in this PoA

Project Developer
International Lifeline Fund Uganda CPA 1 (ILFUg1) Improved Cook Stoves for East Africa (ICSEA) Limited
The catalog of carbon offset projects has been developed to highlight projects on the market at the time of publication. Inclusion in the catalog does not imply an endorsement from the Alliance or its partners, and the catalog represents only a portion of the total number of projects implemented or cookstoves adopted globally.