Registry ID & link: ID: 103000000002503
Host Country: Ghana
Location: Greater Accra Region , Eastern Region, Ashanti Region and Central Region. Latitude: 5.559000; Longitude: 0.198000;
Project Developer: E+Carbon

Registration: 2007
Already issued credits: 529292

Project description:

The project will reduce greenhouse emissions by disseminating fuel-efficient charcoal stoves. The improved charcoal stove reduces fuel consumption by introduction of a ceramic liner that increases combustion efficiency and retains heat. Currently, inefficient and polluting cooking regimes are deeply entrenched in Ghanaian culture. Carbon finance provides a means to increase affordability of stoves by significantly lowering their retail price, while introducing quality guarantees and an ongoing monitoring and evaluation component.

The catalog of carbon offset projects has been developed to highlight projects on the market at the time of publication. Inclusion in the catalog does not imply an endorsement from the Alliance or its partners, and the catalog represents only a portion of the total number of projects implemented or cookstoves adopted globally.